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A narrative of addiction and redemption is woven from the turbulent lives of young adults attending AA meetings and the relationships that Aaron, a rent boy, shares with his clients.

(Persian with English subtitles) The story chronicles the intertwining lives of four Iranian women during the summer of 1953; a cataclysmic moment in Iranian history when an American led, British backed coup d'état brought down the democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, and reinstalled the Shah to power.

A girl lives in an isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never traveled anywhere, but all her life she has dreamed of leaving forever for a perfect world called Abroad.

Dreams are the sturdiest vessels for twenty-somethings Ali and Eda, landlocked in the shipyards of Istanbul. "Lovingly crafted with excellent direction and editing." -DVD Compare

Half-visible images are abstracted through a process of visual degradation, suggesting memory and nostalgia, mystified through collage. Inspired by the song of the same name by the band Sparklehorse.

It's the future, and humanity’s but a memory, existing only in scattered pieces. That is: until a pillow's needlepoint rendering of three individuals, collectively known as the Clothespin Freaks, finds the spark of life and surfaces towards freaky destiny. Aware of a purpose, the group begins assembling the remains of humanity.

In an inhospitable rural area in northwestern Argentina, the machismo, misery, and repression of the last military dictatorship frames the tragedy of Bumbún, the daughter of an alcoholic and violent axman who forces her to assume the identity of a man from birth. Her life will be torn between resigning herself to his destiny for her or fighting to change it.

Count Dracula, a vampire who regains his youth by drinking the blood of maidens, is pursued in London and Transylvania by Professor Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker and Quincey Morris.

When four women arrive at a deserted resort, they unlock a perverse netherworld of lesbianism, sadism and unholy violation by a zombie religious sect.

November 1870. Spanish Courts elect Amadeo de Savoy as the King of Spain. Much to popular dismay, he is a reluctant King who prefers beauty to power and passion over duty. Amidst of a crumbling empire, Amadeo gets lost in wine, fruit, sex and melancholia. His reign will be short.

Unresolved conflicts force Juana to revisit long-kept emotions after she runs into her ex-boyfriend during her annual religious pilgrimage. "A minimalist tale in a seldom-filmed setting." -Roger's Movie Nation

A psychotic criminal couple kidnaps a random teenage couple. The woman rapes the male captive, and lets him watch his lover being raped by the man. They then plan to sacrifice the couple.

Elena and Andrea, a young married couple, arrive at their newly bought country house. A disturbing atmosphere pervades the old mansion: something is lurking under the ancient foundations, something that will affect them more than they could ever imagine...

Philippe, a twenty-five year old who lives with his parents, is woken at dawn by two police inspectors. He is brought to the station to be interrogated about his father's murder.

As orphanage-residence and teenage sisters, Anastasia and Diana get to know that I American family is ready to adopt them, their biological mother returns to the picture.

A body builder must save himself and his friends from a demonic ghost.

Vidhan (Writ), a romantic drama, is a take on relationships. A casual conversation on the use of appropriate language sets off a whirlwind romance between Pranay and Akshar (Abhishek). They start meeting regularly and the romance blossoms. However, there is one issue - Akshar is a sex worker. The film takes us through the vicissitudes of their romantic journey.

A filmmaker explores the cultural traditions and contradictions across the sexually conservative land of the Kama Sutra.

Beneath heaven, dreams are hidden in hallways and fears live in the walls. When his best friend's secret is revealed, a teenager follows a path that will transform his life. That's how kids grow up.

Three teenagers go to a historical farmhouse for the weekend and are caught up in the midst of a war between violent, mysterious and ancient forces. Whichever side wins, they lose.

Lina Romay - at her most lushly exposed and naturally comedic - stars in this oddball meta-spoof of carnal cabaret, alien breeding, group marriage, spy dramas, satanic cults, the 'Clasificada S' genre and more, all wrapped in Jess Franco's Godardian take on his own inimitable oeuvre.

A day at the lake. Andrej's ex-girlfriend Nadia pays him a visit. Nadia and Andrej's former best mate Claudius are a couple now. Nadia's request for help confronts Andrej with a shared dark secret.

Based on the voyages of 16th-century explorer Fernão Mendes Pinto, one of the first Europeans to sail to the Orient.

"Ever, Rêve, Hélène Cixous" films the roads to creation of a feminist legend, a 1968 activist, a famous playwright and poet who shares all the "wars of liberation" of our time. "Ever, Rêve, Hélène Cixous" is a dream of liberation

A late night TV presenter receives a snuff tape, in which a woman is brutally killed. She decides to take a crew out to a location indicated in the tape, but only death and despair await them.

Andrzej and Michal are two young teenagers who come together every summer in the small tourist village

A gothic punk Caribbean love story arises in the ruins of a coconut plantation in rural Trinidad. "Both haunting and haunted, a palpably realized fever dream of a film." -Caribbean Beat

A bold vérité documentary and feel-good portrait of a sprightly 75-year-old priest who tends to 20+ villages in the idyllic French Pyrénées. "Leisurely but engrossing, often touching, and in the end surprising." -Video Librarian

Alistair and June randomly meet on a park bench at lunchtime. She's not aware, at first, that he's blind but when he misses the handkerchief she passes to him, she realizes. He charms her with an acute appreciation for the scent of roses. On a blindfolded walk through a garden, her face comes into focus with a caress.

At a daycare center in Stolin, Belarus, young people with disabilities are directed and participate as actors in theatrical productions. Their perceived limitations evaporate on stage, revealing depths of character and capabilities that are seldom explored.

A group of ronin (masterless samurai) patiently plan and execute an assault on a rival Lord's estate, exacting revenge after their master was forced to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) for assaulting a court official. Set during the Tokugawa shogunate in 1701, based on a true story.

Set in the fake news era of present day St. Petersburg, THREE COMRADES is a politically incorrect drama about three mid-level sales managers, 20-somethings, socializing after hours. Friday night bar-hopping gives way to a range of contemporary topics, from the inhumanity of capitalism to sexism. Only one comrade will survive. The romantic, the cynic, or the indifferent?

After five years in prison, an ex-con returns to a society where total sexual freedom is now the norm. Michael yearns for sex, and becomes fascinated by the amorous life of an attractive woman next door eventually organizing a series of sordid orgies with her and the neighbors...

The story is very freely based on the Cambridge Analytica affair, the theft of 80 millions Facebook users datas for electoral purposes (Donald Trump's election and vote on Brexit). Frédéric Poiret, journalist at Le Nouveau Courrier is told by Laura Bilinski, executive assistant at social network Profile, of a scandal she discovered by accident.

A carefree young Rastafarian is prompted to go on a search for his father, who he never met, in Cape Verde, and finds his roots. FIPRESCI and Sophia Award Winner.

WITKIN AND WITKIN explores the worlds of identical twins, Joel-Peter, a world famous photographer and Jerome, a painter. "A profound meditation on art and an excellent dual-biopic." -Hammer to Nail

Seductive Messalina will stop at nothing to become the most powerful woman in Rome.

A girl living alone in a post apocalyptic wasteland finds herself hunted down by marauders who want her to fight in their fighting pit for their entertainment.

Lola believes there's more to life than just volleyball and investigates the possibility of attending university after school. Made during Apartheid in South Africa

Originally released in 1970, Dinah East tells the story of a glamourous 1950s movie starlet who is later revealed to be a trans woman. Marketed at the time as "Hollywood's strangest story," the film is problematic in many respects and far ahead of its time in others. Seen today, it's an undeniably fascinating cult classic curio of a bygone era.

Horsemouth is a reggae drummer. He earns precious little from his music, so he sets himself up hustling records on the side. Things get nasty when mafia types steal his motorbike, and his friends want to help. An cult classic, ROCKERS was filmed in the late-70s on the real reggae scene of Kingston, Jamaica.

Pilar and Felipe are two lonely beings who haven't found love. At the start of their friendship, Felipe decides not to waste any time and, surprisingly, proposes marriage. With an outright refusal, their relationship spins into a desperate, if adventurous, new direction. A hypnotic speech from an archaic seventies cassette introduces Pilar to Felipe's most intimate mantra.

Bullet Collector follows the traumas of a wide-eyed 14-year-old boy. Recalling the world of Antoine Doinel in François Truffaut's The 400 Blows, this unsettling, visually brilliant drama updates that classic by giving it a nightmarishly Russian spin.

One day, Soumaya is fired from her job. She then sees on TV that news outlets are linking her to jihadist circles, days after her apartment is raided by police...

Waking up on a stage, Sayaka and Tsuda find themselves confined by evil mastermind Ando working with Sayaka's husband, Yamazaki. Discovering the adultery of his young wife and his secretary, Yamazaki asks Ando to use "Kinbaku" (bondage) as punishment for his wife's betrayal - but Sayaka's reaction gradually changes by Ando's skilled and erotic bondage technique.

An aging porn star agrees to participate in an "art film" in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.

A journey deep into the oldest music in the Western world - Greek music - guided by an eccentric musicologist who has dedicated his life to understanding and preserving it. An immersive sonic and visual feast that leaves the viewer feeling they've looked into a way of life that the 21st century has left behind. A call to arms for a different way of listening to music and understanding humanity.

One day, Pasquale decides to change his name to Tony. In the mid-60’s, at the age of 9, he crossed the ocean from Italy to the United States and grew up as a real American. Now a taxi driver in Yuma, Arizona, he's arrested on account of his side hustle - smuggling illegal immigrants across the Mexican border. He is therefore forced to make a choice: jail in Arizona or deportation to Italy.

On a Caribbean island, completely cut off from modern technology, Moises is determined to save his dying mother. So he embarks into the wilderness in search of a magic blue mango that has the power to cure her. A beautiful blue-haired young woman transforms his journey along the way.

Gu (Shota Matsuda), a cocky young Korean-Japanese hoodlum, is targeted by a rival thug after he is blamed for a murder.

A film about Realization and Acceptance. Kumar, a bachelor in his thirties leaves his corporate job in Kochi to become a graphic novelist. He embarks on a new life as an Uber driver in Kochi while working on his graphic novel titled ‘Pixelia’. One day a transgender named Mandakini gets into his cab and that day changes Kumar’s life forever.

Five young Zulu women gear up and go backpacking in the iMfolozi game reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. They learn of the plight of this primordial wilderness, threatened by rhino poaching and an opencast coal mine. The group's journey of self-discovery, growth and healing serves as a reminder of how we all are intimately linked to nature; what we do to nature, we do to ourselves.

Two estranged brothers find themselves on the run from two hitmen through the majestic landscape of the Lake District in this exuberant comedy, made over ten days with a budget of only £1000.

Iranian-American artist Moosa Harooni transforms seashells into heartfelt miniature sculptures of legendary characters, kings and poets, and ordinary people.

The story of a generation's disillusionment and radicalization, set in the fervent years of the Greek economy's collapse. "Punchy, difficult, allegorically urgent Greek tragedy." -Indiewire

Two dim-witted thieves escape from jail and ransack Mandla’s house, leaving the young boy’s parents to believe he and his friend are to blame. Determined to prove their innocence, Mandla and his pal set off in search of the culprits.

Sorting out her mother's estate, Sarah uncovers dark family secrets- and evidence that the cause of her sister’s death 20 years earlier was an attack by a mutant, brain-eating jellyfish that had infiltrated the water supply.

A dispossessed drug dealer and his derelict companions are part of a cool generation that confronts cultural decay in the back alleys of a city in Colombia. "A uniquely beautiful and soulful study of a small part of the underbelly of the underworld in Medellin." -Indiewire

An uninspired filmmaker crosses paths with the fascinating and beautiful student Ritsuko, and they begin an erotic relationship as she becomes his new muse. But when he puts her in his new film, his life starts to unravel and his reality turns delusional as he begins to lose his sanity.

Two aboriginal adolescents discover that life isn't fair in this thrilling teenage story of survival, set in the Australian desert. Hungry, hurt, rejected and aimed at escape, together Samson & Delilah follow the signs of true love.

Following the worldwide smashes Emmanuelle (1974) and The Story of O (1975), influential French filmmaker Just Jaeckin returned in 1977 with the sensual real-life drama Madame Claude. Starring French New Wave icon Françoise Fabian in the title role along with a sinister Klaus Kinski and lovely Dayle Haddon.

One night, a strange clone of Hitler comes to Fendika- a grassroots tavern in Addis Ababa. Frustrations, dancing and comic touches ensue.

A film shot and released on VHS in 1989. A mysterious cult work of Uruguayan cinema surrounded by strange theories about its creator, Manuel Lamas. The documentary sets out to unveil the enigma that exists about Lamas and his work. Along the way, the director becomes involved in a spiral that dissolves the boundaries between reality and fiction.

Davis and Bennett wander in and out of stranger's lives performing 'The Procedure'. However, when the duo arrive at a remote family home, they face a challenge unlike anything they've seen before.

An astounding palette of image processing techniques that address the artistic process of film as art in both subject and form.

A film-within-a-film exploring the body in motion, frame by frame. The sensation one gets is of tension... expectation... shock, while the glorious, trenchant music of R. Murray Schafer further adds to the intense "high" of the film.

It's New Year's Eve, and everyone thinks that Marta and Jorge are the perfect couple. Too perfect. "Some of the most beautiful sequences in recent Portuguese cinema." -c7nema

Two young adults in Shanghai, living separate lives, do what they can to break out of their postmodern loneliness. "You might call this Still Life with Cell Phones.” -Video Librarian

A defrocked priest turned hooker-slashing psychopath escapes from an asylum and kills people in God's name, prowling the streets of Paris in a fever of violence, voyeurism, rampant nudity and S&M depravity. A cult classic from legendary writer/director Jesús Franco.

Anahida, a contemporary Armenian woman, is pregnant with the child of her Turkish lover who is haunted by the past. An artistic blending of the real and unreal, the past and present are tightly woven into emotionally visual experience. In Armenian, Hokees literally means "soul" or "spirit."

The fight for Lithuanian independence in 1991 gave a group of young men the chance to be heroes. "Perfect for any child that loves war games." -BB Reviews

LOOSE ETHICS highlights the home as the child's first classroom for ethics, and asks if a lack of value-based teaching is nurturing crime in society. Does connecting children with elders help children learn how to empathize? Whose responsibility is it to introduce children to spirituality? Filmed in Mumbai, India.

Through short stories linked together by a bloody red thread, a collective of French directors is experimenting with a new approach to the anthology of horror and fantasy. Mr. Rabbit is the second installment in the French Blood series, combining hyper-designed aesthetics with chilling horror stories.

A young Japanese woman in London, where she moves to study painting, becomes passionately entwined with an artist, an older British man. Their age difference brings on the judgment of family and friends, while their bond continues to strengthen. Then secrets emerge…

Two women embark on a love affair. Iva is desperately in love, then her father appears. Hedi feels strongly attached. Winner of a Bavarian Film Prize, Best New Director, and other awards.

A promiscuous young woman struggles with her emotions when the one man she cares deeply about, her equally restless father, finally finds true love.

One family. One weekend. One hell of a home video. A slice-of-life comedy about life, death, existential crises, and everything in between. Set mid-90s New Zealand.

A man's search for his biological mother takes him through an intense physical and emotional journey through deepest Brazil. Little by little, her past is revealed to him, challenging him to break taboos, and changing their lives forever.

A documentary essay on memory, loss, expectation, and an imagined Armenia. A young woman's journey to her homeland is interwoven with photographs and the reflections of actress Arsinée Khanjian, resulting in an elegiac and sensory investigation into the concepts of home, identity and place.

When Mama Peace is diagnosed with breast cancer, she struggles to raise funds for treatment, make ends meet, and hold onto her Christian faith. "A powerful and one-of-a-kind story." -eelive

The Safe House, is a tale of a University teacher, who has been brought to a detention center where he meets a young Hindu boy who falls prey to severe military interrogation and torture.

What happens to art in the Internet age? A documentary on the evolving relationship between contemporary art, audience and digital technology. "Puts together two opposing thoughts, leading to new thoughts." -art4d

Depressed 17-year-old Sally is locked up in a pink, prison-like institution for teens who are so emotionally fµ¢ked that they’ve developed supernatural powers. The rebellion begins when Sally meets power-sociopath Ting-e-ling.

A modern horror omnibus inspired by the over-the-top shocks of Paris' early 20th century Theatre du Grand Guignol, including six bizarre tales from seven of horror's most transgressive filmmakers. "One of the best horror anthologies of all time." -Paste

Through short stories linked together by a bloody red thread, a collective of French directors is experimenting with a new approach to the anthology of horror and fantasy. Mr. Pig is the first title in the French Blood series, combining hyper-designed aesthetics with chilling horror stories.

Eric Green, an agoraphobic, lives in seclusion with his wife Virginie and everything seems to be going well. One morning, Eric wakes up seven years earlier, sleeping with a woman who is not his wife. All the events of the day before repeat themselves, and will repeat each day to come. And outside, a killer roams. Each complication only brings on more questions.

While out on a cross-country run, two friends stumble upon an illegal drug ring in the woods. Taken hostage by a notorious drug lord, they face the threat of becoming drug slaves themselves. Forced to work the plantation for “Cobra,” the two friends will have to rely on their wits if they wish to defeat the armed guards holding them captive.

A portrait of neoliberal ideology imposing its dictates throughout the world. Behind the smokescreen, what's really going on? "It’s not the conservative part of neoconservative that's scary— it’s the neo." -The Georgia Straight

Three friends must discover what's behind the killing of local children, the victims drew the same picture before they die. They uncover the evil spirit of a circus clown and must send it back to hell before more children are murdered.

We are all part of the same story. A feature-length documentary about the complexity of human migration and how this affects two friends in their day-to-day lives. "A heart-driven, superlatively human tale." -The Sound View

Lukas is a researcher who volunteers for a sensory deprivation experiment attempting to communicate with a young comatose woman. The experiment takes a twist when the two meet in altered forms of consciousness.

A Sex & Psycho Suspense Mystery thriller. Susan lives in an idyllic farmhouse, along with the sex-loving youngsters Sandra, Olga and Julie, and the unstable voyeur Albert. A number of killings take place by the sex-vampires.

Former Miss Bahamas Josephine Jacqueline Jones sparked an international firestorm with her debut starring role as Venus, the stunning ebony seductress whom no man - or woman - can possibly resist.

Following the death of his best friend, 17-year-old Shelby struggles to readjust at boarding school until a popular girl decides to take him under her wing. With the aid of a reckless and spoiled group of friends, Shelby finds a lot more than he bargained for in a fast-paced world of parties, drugs, and sex.

In the most lavish of penthouses, visible only through keyholes, there exists an erotic and dangerous world. Highly-paid sex workers specialize in high-stakes games, and the richer the client, the wilder the ride. When a fantasy gets too rough for one call-girl, escaping becomes her reality.

After a mysterious mold starts spreading across the surface of an abandoned mattress, a sentient creature begins to take shape from within. Feasting on its unsuspecting victims' vertebrae while they rest, the creature grows stronger, finding nourishment not only in the bones and sinew it assimilates but also in the hopes, fears, and emotions of all those it encounters.

The joy of a family seeing the Super Eagles of Nigeria win "Gold" against big teams in Atlanta '96 Olympics despite the odds stacked against them would seem like the long-awaited hope that the country needs.

Home is where the hurt is. Lily finds herself in the living room, staring at four dead bodies. "Brilliant, and highlights how people can hide who they are and the lies that photos can tell." -Bloody Disgusting

It was his destiny that young Mouton would live his simple life as a seaside restaurant employee for three years and that he would be torn away from this life after a tragic night at the Sainte-Anne ball.

MY MEXICAN BRETZEL uses home movies and moments of sound to tell the story of Vivian Barrett, a wealthy Swiss woman and her husband, Léon, a WWII pilot-turned-entrepreneur whose hearing was partly lost in a plane accident. Years of their lives are chronicled from the 40s through 60s, from Le Mans to Hawaïi. Vulnerability, loss, and belief are explored in an indulgently cinematic fashion.

Nineteen-year-old Poppy Simpson refuses to be defined by Down syndrome and is determined to take charge of her own life.

An Italian student enrolls at Oxford and disrupts the orderly pattern of undergraduate life by refusing to conform to the university's staid traditions and code behavior.

The São Marcos river in the state of Goiás flows between the cities of Catalão and Campo Alegre. This region once had many farms, built and farmed by members of the same family. In some parts, only ruins remain, insistent reminders that someone once lived there. The remaining inhabitants lose more land, everyday, to soybean fields and the Serra do Facão hydroelectric dam; these are their lives.

Although Frank is always cheating on her, Eva still cannot bring herself to leave him. But Frank objects when Eva becomes pregnant, as well as when she takes a lover of her own.

When Danny and Zoe decide to buy an old haunted attraction, they think they'll have fun and make money. After meeting with the groundskeeper, they learn the property has a bloody past. They hire a full cast of haunt actors who work together to bring the haunt back from the dead. On opening night, no one stands a chance as Teddy returns to his old stomping ground for more blood!

In 2072 Rome, Italy, the ruthless CEO of a TV networks plots to stage a modern series of gladiator games for ratings while one ‘contestant’ learns of a conspiracy behind the true nature of the results.

A serial rapist relishes his attacks on women, but are they only fantasy? A debauched classic of the 1960s "roughie" genre.

In an age devoid of memory and truth, a man encounters his soulmate in the BLUE DESERT. Winner of multiple awards and based on Yoko Ono's first art book, Grapefruit.

The forbidden-love story The Debut (1977) the first full-length feature from pioneering filmmaker Nouchka van Brakel. Following the theme of Stanley Kubrick's Lolita (1962) and Michael Powell's Age of Consent (1969) - this time told from a female perspective - van Brakel's The Debut (1977) tells the delicate story off the impossible love between a teenage girl and a middle-aged married man.

A former star footballer turned social justice campaigner returns to his home town, befriends a young wannabe filmmaker who recently lost his father and is persuaded, despite opposition, into coaching the town's struggling footy team. He recruits refugees to make up the numbers with hilarious results, taking the community on a journey of change.

A down on his luck western writer is presented with a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a film director's invitation: he wants Eugênio to write a film script. However, to write this script, Eugênio must spend three months isolated in a luxury hotel, without being able to go out or have contact with the world he know

The psychosexual journey of a young woman into the dark recesses of the Afrikaner psyche and its compromised past.

Idling afternoons and psychedelic moods immersed in music provide an adrenaline rush for drifting youth in Lisbon. "A strong and mysterious homage to youth." -Cineuropa

Inspired by Pirandello's l'Innesto, THE GRAFT tells a story of sexual violence, love, sexism, and marriage. Laura and Giorgio have been married for 7 years, unable to conceive a child. Away on a seaside painting retreat, Laura is raped and becomes pregnant. Personal dramas conflict between husband and wife, magnifying the question of whether to keep the child.

A poetic montage of the filmmaker’s journey through her subconscious Armenia. It is not an Armenia based in reality, but one which appears like the mythical city of Shangri La, when one closes one's eyes.

Critically acclaimed DO PAHAR recounts the unlikely and fascinating friendship that forms between Sudha, an elderly abused woman and Bilal, a young hit man who she observes one day planning to murder her neighbor. He becomes her hero and savior; she becomes his most improbable partner-in-crime.

Still mourning the loss of his beloved wife and daughter in a horrendous car accident, a reclusive sexagenarian decides to visit a rather peculiar and secretive brothel.

A young woman is murdered, her body dismembered, its parts dumped across Vienna. Based on a true story. "Confidently balances between emotional immersion and reporting from outside." -Kino Zeit

Elder manages the hotel inherited from his father throughout his life. In his hands the hotel went from a luxury resort to a hotel on the verge of bankruptcy. Now he faces the consequences both professionally and privately from his alcohol and cocaine addiction. At the limit of his emotional balance, Elder puts everything at risk when facing his demons and the consequences of their decisions.

After being smuggled into Trinidad and Tobago, an illegal Chinese immigrant discovers the true cost of her passage. "Offers a focused look at the lives of people who would otherwise go unnoticed. -Keeping it Reel

A fast-paced, quirky, laugh-out-loud unpredictable sexy comedy about a young husband's desperate attempts to get a cable box for his wife. Set in the dark, snow covered landscape of northern Finland.

Metallic sounds mixed with rain are the background for the exploitation of two women held as prisoners in an abandoned cinema. They are pimped for pennies by a crude tormentor. Sometimes sharing bad luck can unite, while it can't preclude loneliness. Sometimes the only obstacle to freedom is ourselves.

A mind-bending portrait of Mexico City, reflected in a series of dark, grotesque, sordid, and violent misfit characters. "A Dante’s Inferno of a retro-horror fantasy" -B&S About Movies

The morose Konrad (85) pushes everyone away, but little Thurba (12) manages to break through his wall.

Akiko stands in an endless, black and empty space. As if she wakes up to find herself in a new and unfamiliar state of being, she reconstructs herself and her surroundings: the road, the grass, the streetlights. It's as if she's never seen the world before, and has no concept of existence. Everything seems… less real.

Paulistas, a rural region in the state of Goiás, is struggling to survive in the Brazilian savannah. Its young people have left in a rural exodus; since 2014, no young people live in the region. Monoculture farming and the exploitation of water resources have left Paulistas’ countryside cracked. In July, it’s vacation time. Children return from cities to visit their parents and life on the farm.

An American writer in Rome is talked and harassed by a serial killer who is murdering everyone associated with his work on his latest book.

Petals of flowers are arranged in a dish with a candle, as if a cake. Love creates wonderful things, but these can hide boundaries and differences, for a while. A couple can be physically close and yet worlds apart, with manias poised at the surface, to latch onto triggers. Sometimes we do everything to get what we want, sometimes not.

In training for a long distance relationship, Mina and Enzo book rooms at an experimental B & B where each room represents a different city and time zone. Couples who commit to the course must adhere to its strict rules: no entering your partner’s room, no cell phones, only meeting for up to two hours a day, etc. The arrival of the proprietor’s niece, Gaia, dismantles all sense of reality.

A boy, a girl, a space-alien and fried chicken.

After suffering a brutal attack and a miscarriage, Juana starts hearing mysterious noises and seeing things- objects changing places, shadows that follow her through her house. Or is she haunted by ghosts, losing her mind, or still somebody’s victim?

Through short stories linked together by a bloody red thread, a collective of 30 French directors is experimenting with a new approach to the anthology of horror and fantasy.

12-year-old Daimi rattles around a decrepit house with her Christmastime companion, a magical piglet. A painful truth hides in the murky water of the bathtub, seamlessly blending reality with fantasy.

A group of attractive young Iranian kite-flying enthusiasts gather at a dismal lake, near a restaurant where two sinister characters straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre are serving up grisly fare in Iranian independent director Shahram Mokri's fascinating arthouse horror film.

Hedi is the new neighbor of Iva, who raises her daughter Sophia by herself. The two women start a love relationship and Iva is desperately in love. Suddenly Iva's father appears, to whom Hedi feels strongly attached. It seems that only one world exists for Hedi: her own.

Antonio has spent his whole life away from Italy, his home country. He crosses paths with Leo, a young Italian artist who is trying to make it abroad. The old man and the young woman's destinies mirror each other. Memories from the past are awoken and end up offering a more peaceful future to the both of them.

An abnormal taxi driver lusts for blood every rainy night, and several young women are killed as a result.

Icelandic politicians and businesses try to lure aluminum production to the island country. "Offers impassioned visual and rhetorical arguments [and] historical perspective." -Variety

Newly arrived to New York City and deserted by her husband Gabriel, Mariana must find a way, in a strange city where she barely speaks the language, to provide for her family, financially and emotionally.

This is the story of a tall 10-year-old girl. She is working on a school project that aims to explain how the world works to her class. She is faced with difficult social and political questions that even adults struggle to answer.

Little Frunz is a disaster waiting to happen. He leaves Paris for Yerevan, where he lectures on good design and his unremitting love of cement. Revolution is in the air. Based on a book by Veken Berberian.

Victor and Agathe are both drawn to Niagara Falls. Strangers, the two Parisians meet and connect over their shared citizenship. Soon, they are ensorcelled, not just by the power of the falls but by the scarlet blaze of their nouveau love.

A mysterious young woman is obsessed with Armenia and the archeology of the mental layers that represent identity. She documents her obsession through interviews with various individuals about their encounters with the protagonist, blurring the lines between truth and fiction.

This frantic, music-infused indie Indian tale looks at one young man and his dreams of becoming a rap star. Gandu is a startlingly bold and wildly entertaining example of new Indian filmmaking- which, ironically, is banned in India.

Kathy, a secretive and rebellious teenager, wants only one thing: to escape from the psychiatric facility in which she’s been locked up. Only her father can free her from this prison.

France, 1890. Inventor Louis Le Prince vanishes under mysterious circumstances right after he created a device that, five years later, the Lumière Brothers will call The Cinematographer.

Fanni has had enough of money and Anna has had enough of pigs. They embark on a Marxist adventure. "Any allegorical interpretations are as open-ended as Bettina Köster’s slamming techno-pop score is emphatic." -Variety

Odile, a young woman looking for adventure, is seduced by her neighbors, but the titillating new game turns dangerous when two unsavory players enter the mix.

Kimmi, Sally and Nancy are best friends 4ever, secretly hanging out overnight at their high school. Only Kimmi’s a vampire who’s in love with Sally, and it’s going to be one hell of a queer neon night.

Martin is on his way up the coast for a quiet weekend. Out of nowhere an attractive teenage girl appears on the side of the road. He drives past, but when he stops at a scenic spot up the road, she knocks on his window and asks him for a ride. His decision to drive her home turns into a nightmare when she coerces him inside.

A romantic young writer, struggling financially in London, escapes to his birthplace, the rural mountain town of Siatista, where his imaginative father died under mysterious circumstances. If houses dreamt, who would wake them?

The peaceful life of a middle aged architect Francis turns upside down after the street attack.