Amor Amor



107 minutes
It’s New Year’s Eve, and everyone thinks that Marta and Jorge are the perfect couple. Too perfect. Bruno’s in love with Marta; Lígia, Bruno’s sister and Marta’s best friend, would love for her brother to find happiness. Carlos, Jorge’s friend, maintains a superficial relationship with Lígia while secretly in love with Marta. Meanwhile, Jorge is afraid the perfect romance will trap him. Based on the play La Place Royale by Pierre Corneille, written in 1634.


Jorge Cramez


Isabel Machado, Joana Ferreira


Nuno Casanovas, Margarida Vila-Nova, Ana Moreira, Jaime Freitas



Awards & Festivals:

Grand Prize City of Lisbon Nominee, IndieLisboa; Author's Award Nominee, Best Actress, Ana Moreira, Autores Awards; Fantastic Award Nominee, Best Leading Actress, Margarida Vila-Nova, Prémios Fantastic