Criteria and Review

IndiePix is constantly expanding its highly-curated collection of award-winning independent films from around the world. We value films that defy convention and distribute short films and features across genres, subjects, and themes.

While most films in our collection have found acclaim in the indie community and film festival circuit, a great film can come from anywhere! We encourage film submissions, even for unfinished films. Awards and rave reviews are not required, but sending a screener link and other info is.

All films submitted to IndiePix will be screened by our acquisitions team. Submit your film by completing the form below.


We will notify you by email when we receive your submission and will follow up if your film is a fit for IndiePix. If you don’t hear from us and want to inquire about your submission, please email

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DISCLAIMER: Submission does not obligate IndiePix to distribute or critique your film. Pornographic films, patently offensive films, and films that infringe on copyrights will be blocked from review.