89 mins
A young writer traumatized by the death of his wife and kid describes his disturbing experiences to a psychiatrist skilled in hypnosis. In Camilo’s waking life, a mysterious man who hides under an umbrella forces him to finish his painfully autobiographical novel, regardless of the consequences damaging his psyche. A gritty, dreamy trip down memory lane that peers into the bottled-up inner-turmoils teasing one man’s dark despair and creativity. Painterly cinematography blends hi-def imagery with early digital video camerawork, set against intimate dialogues and a brilliant score. An Argentinian psycho-thriller. In Spanish with English subtitles.


Matías Salinas


Isaac Ezban, Miriam Mercado, Matías Salinas


Valeria Salinas, Javier Solis, Carlos Piñeiro


Spanish, English CC

Awards & Festivals:

Official Selection - Morbido Film Festival (Mexico)

Official Selection - La Habana Festival of Latin American Films

Official Selection - South African Horrorfest

Official Selection - Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre

WINNER - Best Latin American Fantasy Film - Nocturna