Damned Summer



127 minutes
Idling afternoons and psychedelic moods immersed in music provide an adrenaline rush for drifting youth in Lisbon.

Chico’s summer starts at home, with his grandparents, under the cover of lemon trees; an outlet, the place of his childhood memories. But now, he belongs to Lisbon, where he just finished college and hopes to find a career. He is part of a new generation, void of prospect and expectation, where reaching adulthood seems to be perpetually delayed.

Intoxicated nights of affection and heartbreak propel Chico into a psychedelic hedonism, where burning anguish and aimlessness fuel his euphoria.


Pedro Cabeleira


Pedro Cabeleira, Marta Ribeiro, Abel Ribeiro Chaves


Pedro Marujo, Lia Carvalho, Ana Valentim, Ana Tang, Daniel Viana, Sérgio Coragem, João Robalo



Awards & Festivals:

Locarno; ACID Cannes