Whistle Blowers



1 h 17 min
The story is very freely based on the Cambridge Analytica affair, the theft of 80 millions Facebook users datas for electoral purposes (Donald Trump’s election and vote on Brexit). Frédéric Poiret, journalist at Le Nouveau Courrier is told by Laura Bilinski, executive assistant at social network Profile, of a scandal she discovered by accident. Profile lets DataLab, a data mining company, suck up their users datas in order to deduce their political orientations. The results would help Bruno Maurier, presidential election candidate, to target his fake news. Fred investigates without finding evidences. Therefore, Fred and Laura will try to get Claire Misawa, Profile’s databasis administrator, who knows all about the affair and is under pressure, to speak up before the election.


Antoine Collin


Antoine Collin


Charles Tesnière, Amandine Gaymard, Maiko Vuillod