French Blood – Mr. Pig



1h 21m

French Blood is the first French franchise of genre films with sketches. Through short stories linked together by a bloody red thread, a collective of 30 French directors is experimenting with a new approach to the anthology of horror and fantasy. The deviant pig, the deceitful rabbit, the intellectual frog, the gourmet sheep and the enigmatic wolf were to kill her and her child. They screwed up. Now she is angry. Witness his revenge. The Woman in the Mask swings her pig while butchering the man who kidnapped and raped her. But the presence of a little girl in pig’s feet risks thwarting his plans – In this butchery, a young geek addicted to horror films is undressed by a pervert zombie, a group of friends are stabbed with a machete by a couple of degenerates, and an old bestselling author READ MORE


Rodolphe Bonnet


Rodolphe Bonnet


Emmanuel Bonami, Leslie Carles, Sophie Chamoux