Kathy, a secretive and rebellious teenager, wants only one thing: to escape from the psychiatric facility in which she’s been locked up. Only her father can free her from this prison.

When heavily armed campus police broke into the University of Florida campus apartment of disabled and unarmed Ghanaian doctoral student Kofi Adu-Brempong and, within a minute of entry, shot him in the face, his life was forever changed.

MY MEXICAN BRETZEL uses home movies and moments of sound to tell the story of Vivian Barrett, a wealthy Swiss woman and her husband, Léon, a WWII pilot-turned-entrepreneur whose hearing was partly lost in a plane accident. Years of their lives are chronicled from the 40s through 60s, from Le Mans to Hawaïi. Vulnerability, loss, and belief are explored in an indulgently cinematic fashion.

One family. One weekend. One hell of a home video. A slice-of-life comedy about life, death, existential crises, and everything in between. Set mid-90s New Zealand.

Count Dracula, a vampire who regains his youth by drinking the blood of maidens, is pursued in London and Transylvania by Professor Van Helsing, Jonathan Harker and Quincey Morris.

When a trio of beautiful young women journey to their ancestral home to claim an inheritance, they fall prey to a coven of witches intent on reincarnating their deceased vampire leader.

You Are Here is a smartly-crafted commentary on our modern day existence. Comprised of interconnected mini-narratives, the film’s characters find themselves trapped in bizarre social experiments of their own making.

Home is where the hurt is. Lily finds herself in the living room, staring at four dead bodies. "Brilliant, and highlights how people can hide who they are and the lies that photos can tell." -Bloody Disgusting

A sci-fi thriller/dark comedy in which a scientist invents time travel and is zapped 6 months into the future. But that future is one where he is a hunted man for murder. He needs to travel back in time to solve the mystery.

Brian Scott Pfeifle changes his name to Felix, enters psychoanalysis and sets out to befriend Archduke Otto von Habsburg. "An eccentric character study that is as colourful and personable as its subject is." -Cinemablographer