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It's the future, and humanity’s but a memory, existing only in scattered pieces. That is: until a pillow's needlepoint rendering of three individuals, collectively known as the Clothespin Freaks, finds the spark of life and surfaces towards freaky destiny. Aware of a purpose, the group begins assembling the remains of humanity.

After Ivan was diagnosed with ALS, his relationship with Lucas is challenged when he starts to lose control of his own body.

THE FIFTH QUESTION examines the Persian Passover tradition, reflecting on inter-generational continuity through the eyes of three generations. Parents born and raised in pre-revolution Iran and young adults who grew up in LA share memories and experiences through candid interviews and intimate moments preparing symbolic foods and participating in the Seder ritual.

A super-freckled, self-hating virgin descends into a dark, depressive, lethal insanity due to low self esteem caused by social beauty standards.

A successful photographer is living the life of her dreams with the love of her life in New York City. Their idyllic happiness is shattered unexpectedly, and she struggles to accept the reality of her loss.

Critically acclaimed DO PAHAR recounts the unlikely and fascinating friendship that forms between Sudha, an elderly abused woman and Bilal, a young hit man who she observes one day planning to murder her neighbor. He becomes her hero and savior; she becomes his most improbable partner-in-crime.

Andrzej and Michal are two young teenagers who come together every summer in the small tourist village

Two enemy soldiers get locked up in a tunnel below the World War I front. Sharing the same fate, they need each other to survive.

A boy, a girl, a space-alien and fried chicken.

Alfie needs to find the meaning of life. His life. Through a haze of half remembered thoughts and earnest intentions, he struggles to see that the truth he is looking for is in the beauty that is all around him.

In this 80s monster flick, Laverne comes home after a hot and sweaty aerobics workout with one thing on her mind - a nice relaxing bath. Unbeknownst to poor Laverne, she's got a killer clog in her pipes! You'll never bathe again.

Eva, a young reserved girl, arrives at the Refuge, a woman's aid center run by Mrs Kane. There she is introduced to the other girls who greet her with mistrust and distance. The Refuge is threatened by government cuts in funding that would leave the girls, homeless. Until they unite in a final act of protest.

Akiko stands in an endless, black and empty space. As if she wakes up to find herself in a new and unfamiliar state of being, she reconstructs herself and her surroundings: the road, the grass, the streetlights. It's as if she's never seen the world before, and has no concept of existence. Everything seems… less real.

THERE WERE ALWAYS DOGS, NEVER KIDS is a documentary ode to legendary New York City video store Alan's Alley, where bizarrely arranged movies enticed clientele from cinephile to celebrity to local prison inmate. Charismatic owner Alan Sklar sifts through the nuance of his neon-flickering livelihood, in his store’s last days as a fixture in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The joy of a family seeing the Super Eagles of Nigeria win "Gold" against big teams in Atlanta '96 Olympics despite the odds stacked against them would seem like the long-awaited hope that the country needs.

James is a young, successful, handsome exec surrounded by adoring friends and family. On the eve of his wedding night, he must overcome a bedazzling temptress and a particularly cruel father-in-law with a knack for torture. Will love win out or will James give in?

Half-visible images are abstracted through a process of visual degradation, suggesting memory and nostalgia, mystified through collage. Inspired by the song of the same name by the band Sparklehorse.

A girl lives in an isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never traveled anywhere, but all her life she has dreamed of leaving forever for a perfect world called Abroad.

The Safe House, is a tale of a University teacher, who has been brought to a detention center where he meets a young Hindu boy who falls prey to severe military interrogation and torture.

All hell is about to break loose when a food delivery goes wrong. Inspired by a real life tweet, this horror comedy short combines werewolf mythology with the most terrifying monster of all - the pandemic-variety Karen.

Martin is on his way up the coast for a quiet weekend. Out of nowhere an attractive teenage girl appears on the side of the road. He drives past, but when he stops at a scenic spot up the road, she knocks on his window and asks him for a ride. His decision to drive her home turns into a nightmare when she coerces him inside.

Elena and Andrea, a young married couple, arrive at their newly bought country house. A disturbing atmosphere pervades the old mansion: something is lurking under the ancient foundations, something that will affect them more than they could ever imagine...

Known as the “Lower East Side Minster of Information,” Manhattan resident John King gives us a tour of his unique universe: from his roach-infested apartment, illuminated by only one lightbulb (a place once awarded “Grossest Apartment in NYC”) to Andy Warhol’s Factory on Union Square, where King recalls his experiences with Warhol there. A fun-loving portrait of a true Lower East Side legend.

A young Frederick is secretly taught to read and write by his master’s wife. Using only the air as their blackboard, this act provided an education that paved the way from slavery to freedom

That twisted producer Tony Newton presents another vomit-bag worthy collection of the most sickening short films ever found on the internet, which are not recommended for those easily offended or triggered and will get under your skin and into the pit of your stomach.

Little Frunz is a disaster waiting to happen. He leaves Paris for Yerevan, where he lectures on good design and his unremitting love of cement. Revolution is in the air. Based on a book by Veken Berberian.

The life of an obsessive social media influencer unravels when her boyfriend introduces her to a strange fruit.

Plínio is a ten year old boy who goes to live with his grandmother in the countryside. Bored with the place, his life begins to change when he gains a doll named Frank from his grandmother.

Depressed 17-year-old Sally is locked up in a pink, prison-like institution for teens who are so emotionally fµ¢ked that they’ve developed supernatural powers. The rebellion begins when Sally meets power-sociopath Ting-e-ling.