Vena Amoris



17 min
“Vena Amoris” celebrates life with hope in our hearts and an eye toward the future. This film depicts how easy it is to live a happy life when we’re surrounded by friends and family who love us and how easy it is to stray when left alone James (Christopher Newell) is a successful and attractive businessman who will be married tomorrow, but before he is married he has to goose step his way past a beautiful temptress (Laurine Price) and endure painful torture at the hands of his fiancé’s father (Allan Charof). Will James’ love be strong enough to get him through the gauntlet to his wedding day, or will he be swayed by the promise of pleasure and impending pain that threaten to crush his dream of being a good and faithful husband? —Armando Hermosilla


Armando Hermosilla


Armando Hermosilla, Sergio Arroyo, Akbar Farooq


Christopher Newell, Allan Charof, Laurine Price


English, English CC