The Wandering Muse



1 h 33 min
From ram’s horn to beatbox, Argentina to Uganda, THE WANDERING MUSE is a multilingual tour de force exploring a kaleidoscope of Jewish identities through the ever-changing music of the diaspora. Shattering stereotypes and upending expectations, each scene speaks to the spontaneous magic of the creative process and the nomadic soul transcending borders in a world of harmonies.


Tamás Wormser


Tamás Wormser


Basya Schechter, César Lerner, Daniel Kahn, Rabbi Enosh Keki Mainah, Jeremiah Lockwood, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Moses Walyombe, Psoy Korolenko AKA Pavel Lion, Shura Lipovsky, Socalled AKA Josh Dolgin, Vanessa Paloma

Awards & Festivals:

Context Prize Winner, Moscow Jewish; Prix Gémeaux Nominee, Best Arts and Culture Documentary; Miami Jewish; Greater Phoenix Jewish; Copenhagen Jewish; Jerusalem Jewish; Kleztival; Fresno; Beijing; Midrash; AICE; RIDM